Squarespace 6

Squarespace just updated their blogging platform to version 6. It's a very different blogging platform compared to Squarespace 5 and I mostly like it. There are quite a few nifty things that I really love and a few small things I really miss.

The Templates are Gorgeous
They are seriously beautiful. I'm not really an artist, but I can say that every single template has a very clean design with a beautiful appeal. The fonts are rendered nicely and everything feels like a modern website. Compared to Squarespace 5, I didn't feel like I had to change very much from the default template to get a website design I liked. I didn't have such luck with Squarespace 5, where I had to bug my art friends to design my site. 

It also makes the site feel more modern. My old site felt like some weird abnormality between a Web 1.0 site, Web 2.0 site, and random things thrown in. The new site is much more integrated.

Builtin CSS Editor
The Squarespace CSS editor is really a fantastic piece of software. It does what a standard desktop text editor does. It has syntax highlighting, a very nice color scheme, matching brace detection and syntax error notifications. If they built it out some more, I could imagine that this is what a cloud editor should be. 

Integration With Disqus
I use Disqus for the commenting system integrated into this site because it works quite well. I get a notification when I do get a comment, I can easily manage my comments, and everything works. Prior to Squarespace 6, you had to manually modify the HTML to integrate disqus. 

Mobile Ready
Each template already contains an iPad and iPhone optimized version. This template specifically has the exact dimensions on an iPhone that Safari's reader feature isn't required. You get perfectly formatted text out of the box.

Easier Structural Layout
Squarespace 6 created a drag and drop interface to rearrange the structure of your website. It's much easier and smarter than Squarespace 5's very tedious structural editor. I just dragged and dropped a few items and everything was good to go.

Some other things I kind of miss, but they aren't blockers enough to make me change back to Squarespace 5. My biggest gripe is the lack of an HTML post editor. Since I have a lot of code on this site, I needed to modify HTML quite often. Squarespace now has a "code" block editor where it accepts formatted HTML which works very well. Unfortunately, most of my previously formatted code doesn't appear quite correctly for reasons unknown. Overall though, I'm very happy with Squarespace 6 and I finally feel like I have a modern website again. Squarespace is awesome, check them out if you're looking to build a site.