Here We Go

After an amazing four year run at Adobe and five year graduate school career at UC Irvine, it is time to say farewell. I have accepted an offer at a mid sized Content Delivery Network (CDN) called Edgecast Networks in Santa Monica, CA. Which of course means that I will no longer be a) working on Flash's JIT compiler and b) I probably won't even be working on compilers. I have really been blessed and am forever grateful to have had the experience of working with amazing people on a product people knew about and had opinions on.

The amount of genius surrounding a product like Flash is insane. The market pushed browser venders to boost their JavaScript engines and all the engines were open source. What an amazing experience it is to just look at Chrome's JavaScript JIT compiler, learn some cool stuff, and figure out how those techniques could be used in Flash. I could talk with the Mozilla guys about their JavaScript work. They even read this blog! (Hi Mozillians!) At UC Irvine and Adobe, I was able to work with people who have made significant contributions to the Java HotSpot compiler. Four years steeped in that kind of talent makes you grow and I really loved my time.

There are also very few products in the world as divisive as Flash. Some people loved it and clamored and complained that the iPhone didn't have Flash. Others rejoiced and reveled in watching Flash's downfall. Internally, the same spirited debate happened. In all of this, I was able to work on the product and actually align my PhD with the product goals. What a great lucky bubble. Alas, who knows what Flash's story is from this point on - but the past four years have been fantastic.

Now onto the future. I'm hoping to learn a ton about distributed systems and operating systems at a rising CDN. It's a whole new field and I feel like a n00b jumping into something I'm not sure how deep the hole is. It's refreshing and exciting. Off to a great start for 2012!