Simon's Coffee, Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

Every time I visit a new city, I try and find some awesome coffee. Great coffee is my version of chocolate. When I visited Boston three years ago, I visited Simon's coffee after hearing about it on CoffeeGeek. Back then, Simon's just opened, and I saw who I presume is Simon, working hard, crafting drinks to perfection. The coffee was pretty good, but not yet perfect because the Barista was also training.

As I was sitting there, a woman walked up to me and started chatting. She was apparently the owner's wife and just talking with customers. I found out she was from LA and we chatted about great places to check out in Boston and around the country. After an hour flew by, the owner came down and joined our table. We started coffee geeking out, and to my delightful surprise, he let me behind the counter. He showed me how to pull a shot, how to steam milk for latte art, and best of all, free coffee tastings! I left caffeinated and happy as a sailor. I should have written this three years ago.

Now that I'm back in Boston, I had to give Simon another visit. The place is successfully packed with people. and the coffee excellent. The milk is perfect, a little on the light side in terms of foam, giving it a lighter feel than usual cappuccinos. The coffee itself had a very subtle bittersweet chocolate body that suited a summer drink. It's not an espresso that punchs the tounge, instead coating it with deliciousness. If you are in Cambridge, make sure to visit Simon's coffee - Still the best coffee in Boston.