Prague is Europe's Vegas

Prague is an interesting place that sits between the wealthy western Europe and the poor eastern Europe. I was really expecting things to be pretty cheap and dilapidated. I was wrong, money has been flowing into Prague like no other.

Just coming off the airplane, you can tell that Prague's airport is brand new. It felt more modern than Paris' CDG. As you go from the airport to the main train station, you can see a ferrari and mazerrati car dealership. The main station is well annointed with modern upscale stores and glass walls. You can still see some reminance of poverty such as homelessness and begging, but the police are out in force to make sure nothing really happens.

In Prague itself, all you see are tourists with umbrellas representing some tour guide in a specific language. I met more Americans in Prague than in any other city I've been in. Everyone in the central part of town speak three or four languages and I felt safer in Prague than in Paris. Since it was easter, the whole city was bustling from dusk till dawn. It felt like Las Vegas during spring break - lots of kids who can't drink in the states being drunk, cheap beer so everyone starts drinking all day everyday, and casinos aplenty with drugs not too far away. The only difference is that the city itself is gorgeous.