A Day in Copenhagen

I'm currently on an extended research trip all around the EU with the first stop being Copenhagen, Denmark. I was really expecting much more culture shock, but perhaps I already prepared mentally for it or I've just hung around enough international people in Irvine that it doesn't feel THAT different. There are just a lot of interesting "oh, that's different" moments.

I've spent a lot of time just saying yes to everything and accepting that I'm going to feel like an idiot most of the time. The showers in hostel at the university use standard EU showers, which is like a showerhead without the tub in the US. So the water just sits on the floor of the restroom, which kind of confused me. The water also only comes out if you push a button which lets you shower for about 15 seconds per press. So, I just kept hammering the button every 10 seconds to have a constant water stream. The best part was, that the shower drain wasn't draining water fast enough, so the whole bathroom soon flooded. Me not knowing anything, just assumed "oh, I guess this is good incentive to shower fast". Let's push the shower button, rinse, and once the water stops, add shampoo, then rinse again. Maybe its normal that showers drain slower? Fastest, shower, ever. Later in the day, I learned no, its just clogged. TIL.

The funniest interactions with other people has to be being ethnically asian but actually being american. Everyone thinks I'm from China, even when I open my mouth. Coming from the huge asian population in California, this really cracks me up. I met an Iranian, talked with him a bit, apologized about the US government, at which point he said something like "wow, you're really American? - you don't look like one".