Solid Colors Aren't Boring

I always wondered why people thought single colors were boring. And after a while I got it, I looked around and went "that building is really boring", or "that shirt is really plain". Most things are single colored though, yet some popped out as fantastic while others boring. Why was this the case?

Then it hit me. When you look at white, it's the best and worst color when standing alone. A white picket fence still looks ok, so do white light switches. Apple makes extensive use of white and still makes it look great. Most use of white, just looks tacky. It's not only the shade of white, but the texture of the material the white is put on. Clean white on a smooth surface feels clean. White on a textured surface looks tacky. Concrete slabs - boring. Green grass - interesting.

After talking with a friend about Google's redesign of their web apps, we wondered why even though the designs were clean and minimal, they still looked plain. It's because they have no texture to them, they just look like shades of gray brought together. The buttons don't pop out at you. There's no depth. Now checkout Apple's website and buttons. They have depth - which I think is just because of the drop shadow. That's it! Single colors are fantastic. It's textures that bore.