The Kindle 3 - Epicness Everywhere

I'm an Apple FanBoi, but I found another device to replace that almost zealish love: The Kindle 3. I didn't expect it to be the device I'd really love and take everywhere, but it has taken that position. When I go out, I don't take the iPad or a Macbook Air, I take the Kindle. And I absolutely adored the Kindle 2. I love the kindle because you can't browse the web, there is no color, no social networking, it does nothing but get out of the way and lets you read. When rumors started running around the internet that a Kindle 3 was coming out, I was secretly scared that it would no longer be an ereader, but an iPad wannabe.

Thankfully, the Kindle 3 is better than anything I imagined. It's by far the lightest device by weight, even less than the Droid Incredible. I didn't have any idea how much three ounces mattered, but if you read for more than half an hour, the three ounces are a savior for your wrists. The slow creeping wear that the Kindle 2 had on my hands are gone. The thinness of the Kindle 3 is fantastic, instantly making the Kindle 2 seem thick. And the screen is at least twice as good as the Kindle 2. I was really reluctant to buy a Kindle 3 since I didn't think that the screen contrast would matter that much and the Kindle 2's contrast always seemed good enough. But the Kindle 3 makes reading that much more enjoyable.

If you're thinking about whether the upgrade is worth it, I can safely say that the answer is yes. It does everything the Kindle 2 does and improves upon it in all the places that matter. This revision trounces the iPhone as my favorite device of all time. You know that question people ask: What are the three things you would take on a deserted island? The kindle is #1 on my list.