Red Berry Coffee

Ever since I started working at Adobe, I've lamented one thing: The lack of really good coffee in downtown San Jose. Thankfully, Red Berry Coffee has solved that problem.

Red Berry Coffee is different than most coffee shops in that they have great baristas, but brew imported coffee. They brew from three different roasters: Barefoot Coffee, Ritual Roasters, and Ecco coffee. The fact that they don't roast on site is just fine because all three coffee roasters are local and have fantastic espresso blends.

I ordered my usual Cappuccino paired with Ecco coffee since they were the only roaster I have yet to try. Ecco is a very subtle coffee. It's somewhat plain up front, but has an excellent bittersweet finish. I'd say one of the smoothest espressos I've ever had.


Either way, all three coffee's are top notch. If you go early enough, the pastries are brought in fresh daily, and on weekends, Red Berry makes amazing waffles. What more could I want within walking distance from Adobe. If you're craving great coffee in downtown San Jose, checkout Red Berry Coffee.