Coffee in Hawaii - Honolulu Coffee co

How do you make a cozy coffee shop even better? Add a beach! Honolulu Coffee Co is the Starbucks in Waikiki - It's everywhere. However, they have one cafe a block away from the water, creating a perfect people watching spot. Open the four person sized windows and you get a refreshing ocean breeze. Cafe Perfected.

Too bad the coffee is another story. Almost every cafe in Waikiki serves Kona coffee: an expensive bean because it's grown in Hawaii. A normal bag of espresso costs between $10-$15 whereas Kona starts at $20. The Kona that Honolulu Coffee co serves tastes extremely light. Either the roast is that light or my tongue isn't trained enough to taste the nuances in the coffee. It's not flavorful with only a mild bittersweet aftertaste. At least its a consistently bland.

The milk, on the other hand, is a roll of the dice. Cappuccinos always have foam with the right proportions, but the milk is rarely latte art quality. Sometimes it's water thin. Others, blobish thick. After talking to the Baristas, I found out that management tries to make latte art a requirement. Some of the Baristas and the managers can do it, so perhaps the coffee too will get better with time. If you visit the Honolulu Coffee Co Cafe on KalaKaua and Kaiulani, try to get a drink from Chris or Brad where you can get the best latte art I've seen: