Barefoot Coffee

Fantastic. Simply Fantastic. Barefoot coffee perfects the whole cafe experience. You walk in and smell freshly roasted beans. Couches align the edges of the walls. Big tables with electrical outlets litter the room. Smaller ones fill in the niches for those who want to chat. There are even tables outside to enjoy the sun. And of course, friendly baristas recommend drinks, confident in their abilities and coffee. It all culminates to simply remarkable.

If the environment wasn't already amazing, Barefoot also takes the crown from Red Rock as the best coffee in the bay area. (I don't like Blue Bottle). First, the presentation is bar none. The latte art is top notch, and the coffee plate is accompanied by a small spoon to scoop up the foam. The milk itself is the right temperature. The foam: not too hard, not too soft, a medium thickness. Not the type that leaves a mustache but thick enough to create a blanket of warm milk. Finally the espresso just compliments the sweet milk with a strong nutty start. As the drink goes sweeps the back of the tongue and down the throat, a bittersweet chocolatey finish consumes. There is very little bitterness with a silky coffee aftertaste. It's simply bliss. This is the second sweetest espresso I've ever had and would have been a god shot if it wasn't for Klatch. Go to barefoot coffee and experience this:

* Latte art was perfect, but I took a sip prior to taking a picture.