Blissful Lulu Carpenter's Coffee

Ahh Santa Cruz, a piece of the beach in northern California. It's such a gorgeous city, with the most amazing lazy atmosphere. I wonder how anyone gets anything done in the city. Especially when you can stroll to a bistro, have a delicious luncheon outside, and finish with the home made artisan LuLu coffee.

LuLu's has an almost perfect location: on a side street in downtown Santa Cruz. The cafe has a sunroof, providing plenty of natural light for the earthy toned cafe. Each chair has an electrical outlet underneath, ideal for the work in the cafe types. However, LuLu’s is serious about coffee.

As I pondered what to order, I looked at the list of coffees they roasted on site. One was named "black cat", a famous blend by Intelligentsia for the coffee geeks out there. I asked the Barista about it. She said it was actually their own roasted blend, and that a lot of people asked her about it. That's when you know hardcore coffee people visit. And I wasn't disappointed.

LuLu's is the first commercial cafe I've been to where each drink is made individually. Every shot is pulled and milk steamed, specifically for one drink. If you go to StarBucks, you can see the employees holding a big jug of milk, steaming a gallon at a time. Not at LuLu’s. They are like the In-N-Out of cafes: it takes a while to get your drink, but it’s delicious. The coffee is excellent, a bit on the weak and bitter side, but still satisfying. The Barista poured each drink carefully, drawing latte art with magnificent skill. LuLu's lives, breaths coffee, and it clearly shows. Next time you are in Santa Cruz and need a caffeine fix, stop by LuLu's and enjoy.