Smooth Coffee in Downtown Mountain View

Red Rock Coffee literally looks like a rock, a brick building with slabs of red. This gem in downtown Mountain View delivers terrific coffee:

I was actually quite surprised with Red Rock. Most people on CoffeeGeek agreed that Red Rock was ehh. Dana Street Roasting Company, a coffee shop just a few blocks away, was supposed to be the best Mountain View had to offer. But Red Rock has better coffee. Period.

I ordered my regular single shot cappuccino and was greeted by deliciously thick foam. Not too airy, not too creamy. Perfect. Red Rock's espresso complements the warm, airy milk, creating a soothing drink with chocolaty notes, a subtle sourness, that finishes with a pleasant tinge of bitterness. My only gripe is that the espresso may be a bit too subdued, which is ideal for those who like sweeter coffees. But next time, I need a double shot :).