Building Tamarin on Windows

I just finished building Tamarin on Windows XP SP 3 w/ Visual Studio 2008. Like almost all things, what the documents say are very different from reality. Surprisingly, the Tamarin docs are pretty good minus a few hiccups. Here are the steps needed to hopefully build it:

  1. Install Visual Studio 2008. You don't need SP1.
  2. Checkout tamarin-central or tamarin-redux.
  3. Get zlib from mozilla-central.
  4. Copy the mozilla-central/modules/zlib to "tamarin-redux/../../../../modules/zlib". For example, my tamarin is in C:\projects\tamarin, my zlib is C:\modules\zlib.
  5. If you are getting an error about the MMGc project failing to load, copy tamarin-redux\platform\win32\armasm.rules to ${Visual Studio 9 directory}\VC\VCProjectDefaults\.
  6. Open tamarin\platform\win32\avmplus2008.sln & build!
Alternativley for step 4, you can open up the Tamarin solution and remove/readd the zlib files in the zlib project. In step 5, I tried modifying the MMGc project file to find the file elsewhere, but that didn't seem to work either. Either way, your avmplus.exe should be in tamarin/platform/win32/obj9/shell/debug/avmplus_d.exe.