AS/JS Virtual Machine Performance Race

This summer, I'm luckily interning at Adobe working on Tamarin. Since I haven't touched Tamarin in a while, I thought it should be worthwhile to see how Tamarin compares to all the other JavaScript virtual machines. Although Tamarin isn't a JavaScript VM, there aren't any other ActionScript VMs to compare it to. Without further adieu, the SunSpider benchmark contenders:

  • Tamarin-Central: Stable Flash VM. Runs ActionScript
  • Tamarin-Redux: The tip for Tamarin-Central. Every once in a while the Tamarin-Redux changes are pushed into the Tamarin-Central branch
  • TraceMonkey: Tracing JIT slated for shipment in Firefox 3.1
  • V8: Used by Google Chrome
  • Nitro: Previously named SquirrelFish Extreme, the VM in Safari.
A few notes:
  • Tamarin-Central/Redux AS3 - SunSpider tests written with static typing. Only available for Flash VMs.
  • All VMs are from their respective repositories and checked out 3/22/09 ~6 PM PST. Built with optimizations/release builds.
  • All tests run on a MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz w/ 4 Gigs of ram.
  • These tests run really really fast (some less than three ms)
  • The baseline is the Tamarin-Central interpreter (JIT disabled)
  • Some SunSpider tests are omitted as Tamarin can't run them because of known issues.
  • Take these numbers with a grain of salt :)