Conquering Stage Fright

Imagine yourself in front of an audience of one hundred people. The stage lights blind you, eyes locked onto your every movement. Do you want to be the person with sweat painting his new shirt, or the immortal who invigorates his audience? If you want to delight and impress your listeners, read How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking scribed by the master Dale Carnegie.

Public Speaking is considered one of the most fearful activities to do, sometimes being on the same level as death. Maybe it is because most of us have yet to see death's scythe close at hand, but public speaking should be nowhere near death. Jump off a cliff without a parachute and if you magically live, please tell me public speaking is equal to that fear. Yet orating thoughts in front of a group of peers consistently tops the list of things people are scared of. Become a student of Dale Carnegie and this fear will vanish, I promise you.

Why is public speaking so terrifying? Much of the uneasiness associated with public speaking stems from a lack of confidence. However, you can gain confidence by practicing a great talk. So how do you create a distinguished speech? Let's examine what not to do, aka the common case. Realize that most of the time, you are one of the poor souls who must experience such an event. Almost all lectures have this fantastic ability to put you to sleep. They lack substance, a message, superb delivery. They fail to grab our attention. They feel unprepared. They are boring. Many students I've talked to said that if they recorded a professor speak, they could solve insomnia.

Now looking at this, do you enjoy the current state of affairs? Don't you yourself wish that all speakers could entertain you, hold your interest, and leave you in awe? Barack Obama does it. Al Gore did it. Why can't you? Why not aspire to do this for your audience? There is no real reason that you cannot become a great speaker, one that rivals Lincoln. All you need to do is read this book, especially since it is impeccably written.

Dale Carnegie has a sense of style, of purpose, that I have rarely come across. When I stumble upon such a jewel, I have an intense want to finish and absorb all of it. I feel that way about Dale Carnegie's books. His books must be read with zeal, its text etched into your brain. For if you read this book, you will one day awake from slumber in confidence, with a smile on your face, knowing you have conquered stage fright. All for the price of $8.

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