Downtown Coffee

Downtown Coffee in... Downtown Honolulu is a hidden gem. It's the size of a bedroom containing only a counter to order and a booth for one pair to sit. If you want to sit down, go outside and find a public bench. If you come here, it is purely for the excellent coffee. It's run by friendly two people. The owner told me that the coffee scene is just starting to cross the pacific and Downtown Coffee is at the forefront. They roast their own beans for drip coffee and import Intelligentsia Black Cat (arguably the best espresso blend - flame war begin!) for their espresso drinks. The minute you start talking to the guy, you know that he's hardcore into coffee. And it shows.

My usual cappuccino had a thick mustache foam with just the right proportions to have the black cat compliment, not pierce through the milk. Great milk. The problem with Black Cat is that Intelligentsia keeps changing the blend, chasing the perfect espresso. The batch I had was really nutty, a very shallow after taste that left me unsatisfied. I like coffee that lingers. But this is a variable out of Downtown Coffee's hand. Bottom line: If you are in Oahu and are looking for a great coffee, stop here.