Ignore Everybody

Most of the business books I've read have the common thread of "going to the edges". The middle is boring, average. Starbucks was at the edge, now its mainstream. It's the whole idea of Indie versus mainstream. Seth Godin argues: if you want to succeed, run to the edge, get used to the awkwardness and stay there. As I think back, it's true. Going for a Ph.D is relatively edgy. Working on compilers and maintaining a blog are kind of "edgy". And a big part of doing it is listening to your gut.

And that's all Ignore Everybody says. Find your passion, hone it, box it, and own it. The book is a bunch of drawings on a business cards with witty sayings. One image was particularly poignant:

If that hit a chord with you, checkout this book. Hugh adds a one or two page story containing his ideas on life, experiences, and his friend's experiences. Each page just gives you something to think about. Until the end when you realize, sometimes this works, this doesn't, and I have to find my own thing, and thus reliving the "ignore everybody" idea.