Tamarin Tracing Published Paper

The great team and collaboration of Adobe, Mozilla, and UCI has created and published an academic paper that details the internals of Tamarin-Tracing in the Virtual Execution Environments 2009 conference. The paper is entitled "Tracing for Web 3.0: Trace Compilation for the Next Generation Web Applications". Even though the paper has 8 authors, there were so many more people involved in not only writing the paper, but actually developing Tamarin. So thank you so much to the people that made this happen, and letting me be a part of it. Drumroll and shout-outs in no particular order:

  • The whole Tamarin team at Adobe, Mozilla, Intel, and UCI for building Tamarin-Tracing. The Tamarin guys even have a blog now.
  • Edwin Smith and Rick Reitmaier for their awesome collaboration with us UCI students.
  • Andreas Gal's, Edwin Smith's, and Tom Reilly's technical guidance, aka answering my questions!
  • Dan Smith and Edwin Smith for being such flexible and awesome managers. They gave me the last two weeks of my Adobe internship to just write the paper. Without it, this paper would have never been written. THANK YOU!
  • Christian Wimmer for countless hours to polish the paper's focus.
  • Gregor Wagner's help with visualizing the pictures in the paper and great feedback.
  • Michael Bebenita's artistic skill to create the pictures.
  • Babak Salamat, Karthik Manivannan, Marcelo Cintra, Todd Jackson, Eric Hennigan, Michael Franz, Edwin Smith and Rick Reitmaier for their feedback on the paper.
I would've posted the paper acceptance when we got the notification, but I wanted to post this when we could give you a final copy of the paper. If you want a copy, just email me. I have to wait until the actual conference occurs in March to post a download link.

* Update: Conference occurred and the paper is on ACM or here.