East Coast Espresso

I've finally found some not just good, but great espresso on the east coast. On my unsuccessful quest to find an iPhone 3g, I at least found some delicious coffee at Ninth Street Espresso. I've been coffee deprived since I moved out to Boston. There is an amazing lack of good espresso as Boston is a drip coffee capital. Espresso Royale was overrated and burned the milk to the point of leaving a scolding feeling in my mouth. The Pete's in Newton Center has been my refuge, and at least the Pete's is pretty good with three good baristas.

Ninth Street was another jewel I found on coffeegeek. It has all the traditional drinks, with a Mocha for the starting caffeine addict. The only thing I found weird was their insistence on organic milk, which is good/bad depending on your point of view. I've heard good things about organic milk in terms of it's frothing reception, and the Baristas definitely took advantage of that fact. The first order of business was to get an espresso macchiato. There was only one barista and she prepared each drink individually, which truly showed. It was a delicious relief that made put a smile on my face. They were even able to draw a strictly defined rosetta in a macchiato. Bravo.

I got a cappuccino next, and it too was above and beyond the normal cafe. I don't remember too much what the espresso tasted like since I was in a rush, but I do remember cravings to go back. All in all, a good comfy place for espresso in New York.