Trace Tree Visualization

I just submitted my first patch to Tamarin-Tracing, w00t! This patch includes some code to visualize compiled trace trees generated by Tamarin. The patch creates a .graphml (an XMLish type format) and uses the program yEd to actually visualize the data. Below is a picture of its prettiness:

This is a picture of what Tamarin compiles for the sunspider test bitops-nsieve-bits. The blue ones are anchor roots, and the \number are side exits. To run this do the following:

1) Build Tamarin-Tracing with Debug
2) run avmplus with -Dtrees and -Ddraw_trees. This only works if you have both flags on.
3) The output is in /path/to/
4) Load it in yed

To make it prettier in YED
5) Click on tools->Fit Node To Label
6) Push ok
7) Click on Layout->Hierarchical->Classic
8) Push ok
9) Enjoy!