Building ABCDump

I spent ages trying to get abcdump to build, and I finally figured it out! Doh, it only works with Tamarin-Central and not tamarin-tracing. Without further adieu, the steps to get abcdump to work on OS X:

1) Get Tamarin-Central, and build it with the release

cd tamarin-central
xcodebuild -configuration Release -project platform/mac/shell/shell.xcodeproj
2) Get ASC
$ svn co <local-directory>
$ cd asc/build/java
$ ant
[jar] Building jar asc\lib\asc.jar
$ java -jar asc.jar
# shows usage
3) put asc.jar in Tamarin-Central/utils/asc.jar
4) Build
cd Tamarin-Central/shell
java -jar ../utils/asc.jar -import ../core/
5) Build abcdump
cd Tamarin-CEntral/utils
java -jar asc.jar -exe ../platform/mac/shell/build/Release/shell -import ../core/ -import ../shell/, 28715 bytes written
abcdump.exe, 1504179 bytes written

6) chmod +x abcdump.exe
7) ./abcdump.exe /path/To/
8) ????
9) Profit!

For some reason, if I copy the abcdump.exe to /usr/bin, it won't execute :( But other than that it works.