An Unexpected Coffee Suprise: MGM Grand Studio Cafe

On my past trip to Las Vegas this weekend, I found a delightful cappuccino in an unlikely spot. It morning after a spotty night in Vegas, I needed some recovery fuel, which of course means a coffee. We decided to eat at the Studio Cafe in the MGM Grand, and not expecting much, I ordered a cappuccino. What I got in return was quite a refresher.

First off, I'm clearly going to state here that the coffee is not at the level of Kean, Klatch, Illy's, or any gourmet coffee bean. However, it is still better than the average cup at the neighborhood StarBucks. The cappuccino had a mountain of dish bubble foam, which isn't the best, but at least it is something. They had the cappuccino in the correct proportions of foam, espresso, and milk. The espresso had a strong, freshly roasted taste, filling my mouth with dominantly chocolate tones, and small hints of bitterness. It would have much higher marks had there not been a sour ending. The temperature of the milk was a tad too hot, but still within the acceptable range. My guess was that a super automatic made the coffee, and not a Barista. However, the drink as a whole was quite good, creating a good pairing of milk and coffee.

Overall, considering that it was simply a cafe, and not a coffee shop, it was an unexpected but gratefully delightful drink. However, I could just have loved everything since I was still in recovery mode. Overall, if you are in the MGM Grand, and want some breakfast and good cappuccino, MGM Studio Cafe is where its at.