Jones Coffee Roasters - An Unexpected Jewel

Jones Coffee Roasters claims their coffee is so delicious, that they even have the domain In pure 300 style, "I put their name to the test".

Their place is inconspicuous, hiding away in a small place on a busy street. Jones has a very small sign, and if you didn't know about the place, you probably would have driven by it not even noticing you could get coffee. The store itself is like the costco of coffee. There is a lot of wide open space, lots of coffee beans, and a small little cashier up front if you actually wanted to drink something on the spot. The seats themselves are in the corner of a dank grey wall. At the time they had two baristas working. They are clearly here to sell beans, not a full blown espresso shop. They even have weird hours on the weekend, closing at 4 pm, when most people would come to drink espresso.

However, they took all my expectations and blasted them out the window. I only heard of this place due to, and upon looking at this warehouse of coffee bean, my expectations dropped. I ordered a single cappuccino and watched the baristas work their magic. They had the process down to a science. The barista ground, dosed the correct amount, and tamped with amazing precision and skill. The shot they pulled looked absolutely delicious, full of robust crema. As the barista steamed the milk, I was waiting for the usual popping sounds I get from most coffee shops. However, there was a beautiful silence as the milk steamed to microfoam perfection. The barista even drew a little heart in the cappuccino, how cute.

With such perfect attention to detail, and presentation, how did the drink actually taste? My god was it amazing. There were almost NO bitter after tones what so ever, and instead the drink sent me to heaven. The drink perfectly mixes with the milk creating a creamy fruit-filled, delectably sweet delight. The espresso also doesn't taste heavy, instead creating a light soothing drink that kisses the tongue as it goes down.

At the same time, the baristas asked me how I enjoyed my drink, to which I replied with an expression of absolute bliss. I asked the barista which blend they used, and how it was roasted. I was extremely surprised to discover that their espresso roast was actually dark roasted. My experience with all previously dark roasted blends turned out to be bitter ash, something to be used by chains. But the fact that Jones could pull it off deserves them even more praise.

Overall, even though the atmosphere at Jones is something like Costco, it deserves the praise associated with Costco: bland inside, but simply amazing. Jones passes my test with flying colors, and deserves to keep the domain: