Klatch Roasting

Klatch Roasting is home to the US Barista Champion Heather Perry. As such, I had very high expectations for not only their espresso, but also their froth hoping for beautiful rosettas in their cup. They even sell the "champion cappuccino" cup for a pretty penny. However I was severely disappointed.

First, as in usual review format, I'll start out with what went well. The setup at Klatch roasting is very nice, offering a good assortment of chairs for people to relax it. It's not too busy or noisy, making it a better place to have a conversation with someone than at Kean or your local StarBucks. Their cappuccino comes in a lovely cup, and Klatch brews drinks other than coffee, coming up with all kinds of interesting concoctions such as a mexican mocha. This is good if your friend's do not enjoy coffee.

As for the espresso, it is very pronounced. In a cup of milk, it sharply pierces through any smoothness milk may add to a drink, totally dominating the drink. The espresso itself was extremely bitter, not a tone of sweetness at all, and this is why I give Klatch such a harsh review. I am unsure if it is simply the espresso itself that is this bitter, or the barista that was there (not heather), pulled the shot too long. There was so much potential, but it all fell through. However, the mexican mocha my friend was drinking was very delicious, as that was a smooth creamy taste of heaven.

I decided to give Klatch a second shot, getting a latte instead of a cappuccino. My what a difference more milk makes. At the level of a latte, the espresso's punch is quelled quite a bit, making a subtle yet distinguishing coffee drink. Some of the sweetness that I expect in an espresso was alive, and even some hint of nuttiness. My latte was much better than the cappuccino.

Overall, I have very mixed feelings about Klatch. Perhaps I just got a bad batch of beans. Maybe the Barista was new and wasn't pulling the shots correctly. However, as it stands now, their espresso is good for a latte, but not a cappuccino. For my cup of cappa, I'll be going to Kean.