The Infamous Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle Coffee is located in the heart of San Francisco and is considered to be a top notch coffee locale. You could understand my excitement and of course expectations upon entering such an establishment. However, I was left feeling underwhelmed and disappointed.

The place is a trendy with a very bright atmosphere, steel tables, chairs, and loud music playing. It almost seemed like a bar, except they served upscale coffee instead of alcohol. I started with the usual espresso macchiato and cappuccino combo for my evaluation. First off, le pics:

Right off the bat, the Barista exemplified great skill. He was creating multiple drinks, developing perfect delicious foaming milk while pulling the shots, creating art in every drink he made. The problem is, the drinks themselves were ehh. The milk was blissful with a very thick foam, yet thin enough to mix with the liquid milk. The overall drink was warm to the tongue, but not burnt. Too bad the espresso was really the killer. It was way too bitter, shooting straight through the milk removing all the sweetness that milk provides. This occurred in both drinks, making me believe that the coffee blend itself was to blame, and not the Barista, machine, or any other external factor. Overall, good to say I've been there, but I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.